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Overview Effect

The Overview Effect is a cognitive shift in appreciation that occurs when astronauts see the reality of the Earth in space firsthand; a tiny blue marble, shielded by a paper-thin atmosphere without borders or boundaries. It’s with this shift in perspective that they realise that we’re all intrinsically linked, and most come back to Earth with a heightened sense of responsibility to take better care of our only planet. The term and concept can be traced back to Frank White’s 1987 book, The Overview Effect — Space Exploration and Human Evolution.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Overview Effect, Planetary Collective have made two great films on the subject; Overview and Planetary.

"Intellectually, I knew what to expect. I have probably looked at as many pictures from space as anybody…so I knew exactly what I was going to see... But there is no way you can be prepared for the emotional impact... It brought tears to my eyes." Don Lind, Astronaut

"Something about the unexpectedness of this sight, its incompatibility with anything we have ever experienced on earth elicits a deep emotional response... Suddenly, you get a feeling you’ve never had before… That you’re an inhabitant… of the Earth." Oleg Makarov, Cosmonaut

“On my four space shuttle flights… I struggled constantly to make sense of an avalanche of new sensations and perceptions.” Thomas Jones, Astronaut

Concerned citizens from over 120 countries have chosen @realdonaldtrump as the worst offender.

The final stage of the project is the crowdfunding campaign to raise $250k to send Donald Trump into space to experience the overview effect and change his perspective on climate change.

Will you help change the course of history and protect the planet?

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Authorised by Friends of the Earth, 312 Smith St, Collingwood, 3066, VIC, Australia. Space ticket subject to application & availability. There is no guarantee politician will accept or enough funds will be raised.

Thanks to The Planetary Collective for supporting our campaign with footage from their short film "Overview". You can find out more about them here.

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Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth Australia is a federation of autonomous local groups who are working towards an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable future.

We are a part of Friends of the Earth International, the world’s largest grassroots environmental network, uniting 76 national members and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent with over 2 million members and supporters from every corner of the world.



Despite 97% of scientists agreeing climate change is real, some of the world’s most influential leaders still don’t get it, and their ignorance has the power to damage the planet. So we want to send one of the worst climate sceptics on the planet, to space. And that’s where you come in. We’re holding a vote for the world’s biggest climate sceptic through Twitter. Once the votes are in, we are crowd-funding a ticket to space for the sceptic with the most votes, as nominated by you, the people of earth.

How did the voting work

Voting was open for 28 days in June on our website where people could nominate who they think is the world’s biggest climate change sceptic by tweeting and tagging their twitter handle in the tweet. People from 120 countries around the world visited the site and when all the votes were tallied @RealDonaldTrump was announced as the world’s worst climate change sceptic.

Is this a joke – will you really send a sceptic to space?

We thought you’d ask. While the idea might sound funny, we are deadly serious. This is a real crowd-funding campaign to buy the climate sceptic who poses the greatest threat to our planet, a real space travel ticket. Space ticket is subject to application & availability.

What if the sceptic doesn’t want to go?

If the sceptic with the most votes does not accept our offer of an economy class space ticket from Virgin Galactic within one month of us contacting them - and refuses to expand their horizons - all money will go towards protecting the environment and creating a better future through supporting Friends Of The Earth as a tax-deductible (for Australian residents only) charitable donation.

Is it a return trip?

Fair question. On the surface it might seem like earth is better off without this person. But in reality, it would be unfair on the rest of the world if we kicked the sceptic out. To make a real impact on the earth’s future we need them back in one piece to spread their message of change.

When is THE SCEPTIC flying?

Our aim is to get a ticket on-board one of the first Virgin Galactic flights into space. Commercial service is expected to commence in 2017.

How can I keep updated on where the campaign is at?

To get regular updates on how the voting, the crowd-funding and the ticket to space are going, follow Friends of the Earth on Twitter or Facebook.

What happens WHEN the sceptic is chosen?

The sceptic with the most votes on June 30 2016 will be deemed ‘the world’s biggest climate sceptic’, as voted by the people of earth.

We are simultaneously crowd-funding the sceptic a ticket to space through Generosity by Indiegogo. If we reach our goal, the sceptic with the most votes will be presented with a ticket to space to experience the ‘Overview Effect’.

Why a sceptic needs to go?

Some of the world’s most influential leaders still don’t get the importance of protecting the environment and ignore the threat of climate change. Unfortunately for the rest of us, their ignorance has the power to damage the planet.

These are leaders shaping policies in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, and Russia. Developed nations with the power to make change.

In our home-country of Australia for example, Malcolm Turnbull is in charge of a country with one of the highest per capita carbon footprints in the world. Only Gulf nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are worse. His government continues to approve increased production and export of coal and gas, which threatens the survival of one of the greatest natural wonders of the world – the Great Barrier Reef.

Here are some stats on per capita emissions: https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/new-report-reveals-that-australia-is-among-the-worst-emitters-in-the-world/


If we reach our goal, your money will go to an economy class space ticket from Virgin Galactic valued at US $250,000.

While we will use reasonable efforts to have the politician in question take the space flight, individuals should acknowledge that we cannot force the politician to take the space flight. To take the space flight we must first apply and we cannot guarantee that the application will be accepted. If we cannot obtain an agreement of the sceptic in question, or his or her application is rejected or we are unable to purchase a Virgin Galactic ticket for any particular reason, all money will go towards protecting the environment and creating a better future through supporting Friends Of The Earth as a tax-deductible (for Australian residents only) charitable donation.


There can be little doubt that travel into outer space would have a huge environmental footprint.

However, Virgin claims that carbon dioxide emissions per passenger on a Virgin Galactic spaceflight would be 40 percent less than a passenger's footprint on a round-trip flight between New York and London.

You can read more about this here.

We feel that community sentiment has turned against prominent climate sceptics and the ‘send a sceptic to space’ campaign is a great way to engage new people and encourage them to join the movement that is fighting to stop further climate change.

We hope that people see this campaign as a fun way to express their dissatisfaction about inaction on climate change and to highlight those who continue to deny the overwhelming evidence that scientists have presented.